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This wiki will go offline on 1 July 2023 (UTC). Entity redirects between the old and new wikis will be maintained indefinitely.

Edits made to Wikibase Registry at this point will disappear.

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File:Wikibase instances indexed in the Wikibase registry as of December 2018 - Screenshot from 2018-12-03 09-54-13.png
Wikibase instances indexed in the registry as of December 2018. See here for current data.

Wikibase Registry is a wiki that hosts a registry of Wikibase instances. If you have a Wikibase install to add please go ahead after reading the README.

It was set up in Antwerp on April 25, 2018 during a workshop on an ecosystem of Wikibase instances federated around Wikidata. The workboard for this project can be found on Phabricator at /wikibase-registry/.

See also a list of wikis using Wikibase at WikiApiary. It will be great to have all wikis listed there also registered on this wiki.


You will not be able to edit straight away:

  • Anonymous (unregistered) users can not edit pages at all.
  • Autoconfirmed users (user group "Autoconfirmed") can edit pages the main namespace, user space or user talk space.
  • Trusted users (user group "Trusted") can edit pages and will not see CAPTCHAs.
  • There is a CAPTCHA on user account creation and on page creation (and a few other things), but not regular edits. If you have CAPTCHA question ideas please submit to User talk:Addshore.


All data and content on this site is CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) Public Domain Dedication.

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Known issues

We are using this registry (which is itself a Wikibase instance) as a test case to document customizations, bug fixes and other steps needed. What we learn on the way will then hopefully (and you can help with that) find its way into documentation and workflows for setting up, configuring and maintaining other Wikibase instances. On the Wikimedia Phabricator, we are using the wikibase registry tag to keep an overview of issues related to the Wikibase registry.